Autoliv patents the first safety handlebar for motorcycles

The component should ensure less damage to raiders during a crash

1w ago

During numerous accidents with a motorcycle, raiders suffer several serious injuries to their legs and abdomen due to the handlebars of their vehicles. Especially during frontal impacts, the force of gravity pushes the unfortunate forward, violently hitting the rigid structure of the motorcycle's control system.

To solve the problem and limit damage to motorcyclists, the Swedish company Autoliv, which specializes in the construction of airbags, has patented a new type of handlebar that should be released during impact. A special sensor is connected to the motorcycle's electronic control unit and, as soon as a collision is detected, it sends an impulse to some explosive micro charges placed on the upper clamp of the handlebar.

Triggering, the micro explosives free the handlebar from its seat and the raider can easily be thrown forward without suffering trauma against it. It has not yet been announced when they will be put into production and which companies will equip themselves with this innovative safety system.

Thanks to Valentina Zanola for the cooperation

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