Autonomous Cars

What Does it mean for petrolheads ?

The idea of a self-driving cars can be seen in Sci-Fi films for the past few decades. Only recently has the dream started to take shape as increasing numbers of automobile manufactures are investing money to develop technology which enable cars to drive themselves.

The autonomous car is much closer to reality as you may think. You can experience such as system today in a Tesla which uses a system they named “Auto - Pilot” which allows the car to take control and technically drive itself.

The main aspects in which systems like these shine is in safety. As research done by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows alarming results that the 94% of all accidents are caused by humans errors. The driver-less cars can eliminate the human from the equation which in theory means that they should reduce the number of accident resulting in a safer roads. The other advantages to systems like these is that the driver can relax a little more as the car can do most of the driving making longer journey less tried and traffic jams less stressful.

There is a few problem with these system as it's the way with new technology. Tesla’s “Auto Pilot” system is arguably the best on the market but it more like a Semi - Automatous vehicle as it's currently it not 100% ready.

The first issue is that it can’t read traffic lights or road signs meaning it would simply drive thought them if you don't hit the brakes. As well as the fact that the system doesn't connect with the navigation system so you cant just input a destination and expects it to drive you there. It currently just follows the car in front but Tesla is currently developing a new full self driving systems expected in the near future. As with all new technology, it’s quite expensive at first, the Tesla costs $140,000 and the “Auto Pilot” is an optional extra which costs $10,000.

There are issues with ethics with these system meaning that if the car is headed into a collision which can’t be avoided it can either crash into sidewalk or crash directly causing the driver serious injuries or even death. And the laws to dictate whose faults it is if such a event occurs wethere it the fault of the computers or the drivers. The most important question is would you trust your life in the hands of a couples of camera and sensors ?

The main issue with these systems is that it takes the joy of driving away from the drivers. This only applies to the car enthithiscs who see driving as a way of life rather than a chore and not see a car as a form transportation to get from point A to Point B but a living machine with a soul. This is why cars the Porsche 911R which gives the driver a raw driving experience with a manual transmission and almost no sound denting is a collector’s dream. Thats problely why one is selling at 1 million dollars in the US for a car that has a sticker price of $185,000.

To conclude, the self driving cars are coming very soon wheater you like it or not ,these systems are suppose to help revives the stress of driving and makes the road safer but it would take away the pleasures of driving away. Do you think its worth it ?

Porsche 911R

Porsche 911R

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