- Archie Hamilton's Audi looked good.

Autosport International 2018 – Drifting, Supercars and Classics

1y ago


This weekend I took my first venture to the Autosport International show at the NEC Birmingham, and I regret nothing, it was everything I expected and more.

After a 6am start and a 4-hour drive, we finally made it there in one piece. Walking through the doors, we were greeted by hundreds of stunning cars, from drift cars, supercars, modified cars, the works, I was in my element.

First stop on our ventures was a quick visit to the British Drift Championship (BDC) stand, where I got to meet Cian and talk about some exciting ventures for 2018 in the world of drifting and DriveTribe. The cars on stand were as stunning as expected, every finer detail about them was perfect.

BDC stand was beautiful.

Moving on, we made a pit stop to see Becky (QueenB) at the Social Influencers stand, and got to take in the beautiful cars on the stand there, from Shmee’s AMG, to GasKings R35 GTR. Though Becky was a little bit busy with her little fans inside her car, we left her be and made our way around.

Queen B's stunning Red.

Taking in the sights from different stands, there was Supercar galore, though my personal favourite definitely has to be the mini Liberty Walk car.

Mini Liberty Walk is life goals.

Heading to the live action arena, it was a shame to hear Conor Shanahan’s car was broken, so it was only James Deane putting on an entrance show, but was still pretty awesome. The array of cars and different motorsports shown during the live event was amazing, and the show from Mission Motorsport was inspirational, I highly recommend giving them some research if you haven’t heard of them.

Conor Shanahan's car mid fixing.

We managed to bump into some mutual friends at the show, and our group grew by two. Visiting a few people, we knew, heading to the Bilstein stand who were accompanied by Cannon Run 3000, we got to appreciate their car on the stand and have a chat with Jesse and the team about Cannon Run, and ask for a phone charger...

At 4PM there was another show at the live action arena, and this time, Conor Shanahan had his car up and running, so we headed down to watch some door-on-door action in a great battle between him and James Deane. The sound of the cars echoing across the venue was amazing.

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James Deane vs Conor Shanahan

Managing to visit a few more stands, getting some more pictures, it was time to call it a day, seeing as the show was packing up. If you can get yourself down to Autosport next year, I would highly recommend grabbing yourself some tickets and meeting some of the biggest names in motorsport, watching some amazing live shows and just enjoying the overall atmosphere that accompanies the car scene.

We even got to convoy home with these beautiful cars!

Imagine cruising down the motorway with these two.

Will we see you next year at Autosport International?