Avengers Assemble!

South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai has teamed up with entertainment super giant Marvel to produce this stunning limited edition Hyundai Kona! The car is set for release in the UK this coming March. Tony Stark himself has had input, apparently...

The car is themed after the Iron Man himself, and sports several pieces of Iron Man/Tony Stark themed styling, including a heads up display and infotainment boot up animation. Take note of the Iron Man logo and "Stark Industries" styling on the hero pic at the top!

Stunning, loving that HUD.

The car sports a 1.6 T-GDI engine (Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection) which produces 177hp and 265nm of torque! So it will definitely give cars such as the Mini Cooper S and Fiesta ST a run for their money (almost!).

The power plant - Credit: AutoCar.co.uk.

Red armour accents and a matte grey exterior make this beefy little hatchback stand out from the crowd! Especially if surrounded by Marvel fans.

What's that on the rims?

Iron Man's head once more of course! - Credit: BroBible.com.

Other notable styling features include: 8 inch Iron-grip dual-tone alloy wheels, a nice V shape bonnet bevel with Marvel logo, red armour accents to the front, sides and rear, and Iron Man exosuit cues through and through, on front/rear bumpers, headlight bezels, cladding, the skid plate and headlights.

The Cap is going to be jealous... - Credit: LaughingPlace.com.

Who needs an exosuit when you can have a Kona?

Pricing starts at a recommended on the road price of £27,995. What are you waiting for?

Still from Iron Man (2008), Copyright (C) Marvel - Credit: ScreenRant.com.

To finish, an epic trailer for the Kona by Hyundai!

Image credits: Hyundai UK, BroBible.com, LaughingPlace.com, AutoCar.co.uk, ScreenRant.com

Video credits: Hyundai UK, Hyundai Worldwide