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Awesome Valentines Day Gift Ideas for that special petrolhead in your life

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Regardless whether you are in a relationship or not 14th of February is a date you either love or hate. If you are alone, you will hate it for all the love and couple advertising going around or love it for exactly the same reason. If you are in relationship you might love it for the bit of extra magic it brings, or hate it because finding the right gift can sometimes be a nightmare.

If that special person in your life happens to be a petrol-head, this list might be helpfull in figuring out the best gift.

Heel Tread Socks

Ever wondered how liveries from Le Mans, Formula 1 would look on a sock? Alternatively you can choose themes ranging from the Golf GTI Tartan seats, Porsche RSR to Subaru and many more.

Made by Heel Tread in Portugal, the socks are made using seamless toe knitting, meaning they have no stitches (which is good I guess). In truth, I'm no sock expert, but I love the way they look, and If I were to get a pair of these from my other half, I would be very happy indeed.

There are of course other brands making similar products, but Heel Tread managed to grab my attention the most, they are beautiful, Heel Tread has a wide selection of designs. They were also featured in GQ and Top Gear magazine attesting their quality. Just make sure to get the right theme, a Ford might have an adverse reaction to Golf themed socks.

Wine Stopper:

Does your other half, love both cars and wine? It seems there are a of people like that, since there are a fair few companies offering wine soppers designs inspired by automotive themes.

There is a great amount of stuff to chose from in terms of designs and price. From cheap and simple wooden corks with drawings to more premium designs often resembling a gear lever. Personally I quite like this little set I've found on Amazon, and more premium set of stoppers reassembling Land Rover Series 1 gear shifters.

Experience Days

Studies show younger generations increasingly prefer buying experiences over actually owning stuff. And given the current economic climate, it's highly unlikely your average gen X-er or Millennial will be buying a supercar anytime soon. So why not gift them the experience of driving one?

Supercar, drift and track driving experiences have become immensely popular over the past few years, companies such as 'TrackDays.co.uk' operate on venues across the whole UK. With prices and scale being very flexible from £39 for a few laps in an Audi R8 or Caterham to experiences with multiple cars and a lot of laps.

Just make sure to read the fine print and communicate a little with your other half, as some of the cheaper experiences might only offer just about 20 minutes of actual driving time. Also, google about and look at other experience companies.

Car inspired cuff lings (& other jewellery)

Just as with wine stoppers, cuff links brands seem to have caught on that a lot of their customers are car nuts as well. Tread lightly with these, as something like Ferrari or Lamborghini badge cuff lings might come off a little tacky, while something like a Vauxhall badge cuff link will hardly fit... well anywhere.

But don't worry, there are plenty of tasteful options out there. Little H-Patter, Steering Wheel or even little car models of icons like Mini or Land Rover will go well with almost anything.

And even the badge cuff-links will go well on the right occasion. There are many to chose from and many shops that offer them. I've managed to find the above collection at 'Cufflinkman.co.uk', the shop has decent pricing and good opinion online.

Car books:

In recent years we've been really blessed with some amazing automotive books. Adrian Neweys 'How to Build A car' gives a fantastic insight into one of the best F1 designers ever. There is 'Driven: The Men Who Made Formula One', by Kevin Eason who was the Formula 1 corresponded for The Times and The Sunday Times for 20 years, and knows every nook and cranny of the sport.

If your partner isn't interested in Formula 1, you can try Ben 'The Stig' Collins book 'How to Drive', a guide on... well how to drive. Written by the man who became a driving legend playing the Stig on TopGear.

Personalised box of car chocolates

Yes, yes they are real. What's even better is the fact you can order it in a box with a name and a customised message. They also come with age, however, the number can also represent their favourite car number or just favourite number overall.

There are also other brands offering these, so look around, on Google and Amazon as there are plenty of options. I just happened to like this set from Notonthehighstreet.co.uk/

Car apparel

Perhaps not as original as some of the above, but this means that the choice with this gift is as wide as it gets. From underwear to jackets or even shoes, there is something for everyone.

There are sites full of great apparel all around, but for starters you might want to take a look at drive tribes very own merch store.


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