Awfully good maestro

my brief encounter with a maestro that refused to die

4y ago

Me, personally prefer cars from the East, such as Japan, Korea and Malaysia, but ive always had a huge soft spot for BL, and the companies that emerged after, before it all ended with MG Rover. At the time i also owned an Allegro, which i thought was good, and still do, but with my love of 80s motoring, i was a after a slice of Austin Rovers finest. Luckily a fellow member of a local classic car club had just the thing.

One of many crispy bits.

One of many crispy bits.

It was a tired, unloved Maestro 1.3L, one owner from new, it was rotten, very rotten, but had a MOT with no advisories! I went round, they cooked me some dinner, and i walked out with a Maestro and was £250 lighter. The Mileage was unknown, the odometer had stopped at 86k sometime in 2011, but the old chap had kindly recorded rough mileages in a note book, which was nice. It also came with a Ford Sierra cassette deck, countless immobiliser switches under the dashboard ,and absolutely everything worked, except for the engine, but i'll get to that.

I actually like the interior, felt quite big inside.

I actually like the interior, felt quite big inside.

The body was awful, the arches full of underseal, the sills full of patches, but remarkably the underside was solid, it would take someone braver than me to take that on, but at least the faded paint came up ok.

The thing was it drove fine, it was suffering from a spot of bachelors sag, but apart from that the suspension and steering where fine, the engine was the problem. The engine would not idle, full choke, half choke, no choke it just would not keep running. A new set of plugs helped, but did not the solve the problem, it needed a carb rebuild, i think. When driving, it was rapid, honestly, miles better than my Allegro, which it shared the same engine with, albeit the maestro had the breathed on A+ engine. It kept up with traffic, it never felt slow, maybe that was due to the vast amounts of fuel entering the combustion chamber, but i'll never know, it just wanted to keep going.

Unfortunately it had to go, to make room for my G11 Charade, i sold it, and covered my expenses, the chap then 'slammed' it by taking a grinder to the springs, since then its been sold again. Unfortunately i think that is the end of the road for YVC, but it was a fun 2 weeks non the less.

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