- Senna at the wheel of a Lada Vaz 2101 on the Hungaroring in 1986. Picture taken by : Zsolt Mitrovics

Ayrton Senna driving a LADA !?

1y ago


1986 saw the very first edition of the Hungarian GP held at Budapest circuit the Hungaroring which attracted 200,000 fans from all over the Eastern Bloc. Senna as you probably know it, used to do laps of the track before every GP usually walking first and/or using a regular car he could borrow at the circuit.

Senna analysing data of the Hungaroring. You can see him wearing the same polo shirt as when he drove the Lada.

That day, as it was the first trip of the whole F1 circus behind the Iron Curtain, Ayrton asked something a bit special. His request was a car that the Hungarians were used to drive. So he got a VAZ 2101 (a Lada based on the good old FIAT 124). He did at least one lap of the circuit driving it and that historical and rather amazing picture was taken by mister Zsolt Mitrovics who worked at the Hungaroring as a member of the technical rescue team between 1986-1992.

I thought this little story was worth sharing here on Drive. Just amazing. One could imagine how it was for Senna to discover the legendary driving qualities of this car... More seriously I find it very nice and so typical of Senna. I don't think a lot of driver would have asked that. It shows once again how Ayrton cared about things in his special way.

Senna in his Lotus Renault at the first Hungarian Grand Prix in 1986

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