The Mustang's great but sometimes the other end of the scale appeals... Sometimes

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    • I really like these mini films. I feel like they're keeping me going to the next series 😊

        3 years ago
    • Really donot know why you mess with the 2nd team when you have the finest in your garage. Wake up young man this is what you need. Angry Oliver 1088cc 8000 rpm, under 10 sec and 105 mph. The rest donot count.

        3 years ago
      • Wow!!!! Not sure I believe it but I want to...

          3 years ago
      • Fair enough, I wouldn't either. I know you are abusy man and I am not a fundi at all this coms stuff . So if you want to please google "Kadett Zwartkops" thats Angry Oliver in road trim sorting a brace of Renault turbos. AND YES thats the pushrod...

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          3 years ago
    • Countryside , convertible , not raining and the car is working = perfect

        3 years ago
    • Isn't a Mustang really an MG, just without all rhe letters in between M and G? πŸ˜‰ Please excuse my woeful sense of humour

        3 years ago
    • it was like watching good old top gear

        3 years ago


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