Baby Driver - "he's a devil behind the wheel"

2y ago


From the first scene when Jon Spencer's Blues Explosion is playing there is non-stop action in Baby Driver, with some of the best stunts in car films that i've seen. Edgar Wright's new film has a star studded cast and by the end of the first five minutes your jaws with be gapping with anticipation of what will be next. Baby Driver is open in most countries including the U.S. and U.K. Oh, and by the way, this film has the best soundtrack you will ever hear in a film this decade.

Baby Driver

international trailer (radar love)


'tekillyah' trailer


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  • I seen this today and the Chase scenes are outstanding, bloody brilliant.

    I have to say, it was quite a weird movie, I thought I had accidentally walked into a musical at points with the (really really) cringey love story and the dancing around each other. At times I actually wondered if it was a spoof.

    It was peculiar. The driving was tremendous though

      2 years ago
  • Kevin Spacey is as usual brilliantly funny in this film along with some of the best high-octane action of the year

      2 years ago