BABY RIDER. Meet the ‘Lil’ Monster’ Comel from Beautiful Machines

And no, it's not a Honda...

3y ago

When champion British thoroughbred Jardine’s Lookout climbed aboard a flight bound for Australia to take on the world’s best race horses in the Melbourne Cup he brought along a buddy. Joining him on the ride was his tiny mate, 14-year-old Shetland Pony Henry; it seems even the most powerful amongst us often need a little friend. Which is exactly why when ‘Monster’ a brutish supercharged Harley Davidson by Malaysia’s Beautiful Machines was heading for the Art of Speed show they decided their high horsepower steed needed a companion too. Based on a Comel minibike ‘LIL Monster’ is all about fun times and fairy floss and ensures the big fire breathing beast is never alone in her stable.

If at first, second and even third glance you thought the Comel was a Honda ST then you’re thinking what the lawyers of the big Japanese firm were when they first saw one too. The result was lawsuits right across Asia with many of Honda’s models having been reverse engineered and reproduced by dozens of small companies. But when the lawsuits failed, often with comical rulings, Honda saw the patent expire and markets were flooded with the cheap and cheerful knock offs.


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