BAC Mono

Earlier in the year I had the opportunity to join the BAC guys at an exclusive underground location in London for a private shoot of their latest full visible carbon car. These are some of the shots we got.

BAC's Mono with Gloss Visible Carbon upper and lower body

The central London location was perfect for the gritty brief we had been given and luckily, we managed to find a couple of areas that were free of cars to do our thing.

We had a very limited timescale to work with so there was not the opportunity to set strobes up and really experiment. That said, the garage lighting added a certain authenticity to the shots and gave us just enough to work with.

The car was a customer car and was due to be shipped to the far east the following week so every care was taken to make sure we didn't put a single mark of the car.

The space gave us the chance to shoot the car from loads of different angles, each having their own unique and interesting background to work with.

And when time was up, we had to hit the streets in preparation for the Gumball 3000 parade. We found a pretty cool place to hang out at the parade start and we generated a lot of interest in the car.

Oli Webb (Drive Tribes 'Global Racer') positioning the car in front of Gucci London

This was just the start of a completely different adventure that took us to Hungaroring and the stunning city of Budapest, but we'll save that for later!

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