Back from my best weekend ever! (Japanese Carventure Preview)

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These past few days, I had a business trip to Tokyo, and I got an incredibly nice, car filled weekend beforehand. If you are a petrolhead, you should most definitely visit Tokyo. There are many great cars there, from supercars to JDM to classics. I will do much more extensive posts on some of these cars in the near future, but I just cannot wait to share my wonderful weekend with you guys. So here is a sneak peek to some of the highlights to my weekend.

My first stop after I got off the plane was Ginza's Nissan Crossing. Missing my chance to see it in person two months ago, I know I had to see the Nissan/Italdesign GTR-50 with my own eyes. Now, its front end design is somewhat questionable, I find its rear end to be one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

The amount of people in Nissan Crossing just to see this 50 unit limited production $1 million Nissan was incredible. Luckily, I was not in much of a rush and was able to wait until the first rush of people were gone.

I felt horrible after I missed the GTR-50's Tokyo debut in September at the Daikanyama Tsutaya Cars and Coffee, so this spot helped me fill the void that I was left with from missing that event.

Although this time around, I was not able to see this crazy car in action, it was still an amazing presence standing still. Perhaps the most expensive Japanese car ever sold. (Discounting auction prices for cars like the 2000GT). As an extra treat, Nissan also had a race spec Kenmeri C110 Skyline GT-R on display as well.

Upstairs, I revisited the Nissan Vision GranTurismo 2020 Concept, just to have a nice "side by side" comparison between an Italian designed modern Japanese sports car and a British designed modern Japanese sports car. (The Vision 2020 was co-developed with British car design students).

Apparently, both the Italians and British cannot get a good front end on the GT-R, but they definitely got the rear end spot on.

If you are in or around the Tokyo area, I highly highly suggest you come to this wonderful place. There, you can enjoy a Nissan branded coffee amongst some of the best Nissan cars.

As I walked back towards the station through Tokyo's luxury car capitol, Ginza, I was met by many great cars. Here are some of the highlights. This Alpina B7 Biturbo for example. Alpinas are quite rare back in the US, but here in Japan, I see so many of these great cars.

You know you are in Ginza when you see a fancy Roller in some interesting color combinations, like this Rolls Royce Dawn.

Huracan Spyder is not to be missed.

As with many of my spots here in Japan, here is another first, a new AMG G63 Mercedes. I quite like the new rear lights.

Another place, I highly recommend in Tokyo is the Mega Web Historic Museum in Odaiba. There you can see numerous historic Toyotas, as well as other classic cars including an E Type, Lotus Elan, and Dino. However, this US spec 2000GT was definitely the star of the whole place.

Finally got my first spot of a Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 GTV as well. A rare trim on quite a rare car.

Along with classic Toyotas, there are also iconic Toyota racing cars on display. This GT-Four Celica was my favorite. Unfortunately, no Castrol livery Supra was on display.

Though this is technically a Toyota museum, it also has other cars as well, such as this beautiful 1966 Honda S800. One of the first cars made by Honda, the S800 definitely left behind quite a legacy.

There are also quite a few oddities as well, such as my favorite European microcar of all time.

Towards the end of my first day, I saw this incredibly rare Alpina B3 Biturbo.

The next day, some friends that I met through connections I made down in Kagoshima, took me to another car capitol of Japan, Daikoku Parking Area in Yokohama. Featured above is one of my friend's Porsche 930.

Although the day I went was quite a slow day, quality sure beats quantity. Here we have a Martini livery Alfa Romeo 147 GTA.

For the JDM fans out there, we have one of the most beautiful modern Japanese cars.

Why not make it double?

Just like Alice's Restaurant back in the San Francisco Bay Area, Daikoku PA is a car show that is not a car show.

Are you a classic or new Ferrari kind of guy? This 328 GTS is apparently a one owner car as well.

Luckily for me, although it was a slow day, I did bump into a BMW meet and got to see some rare Alpina cars, such as this Alpina B11 3.5. I did not even know these existed until that day.

Next we have a car that I have only seen in books. The Alpina B9 3.5 is an incredibly rare 75 unit production six series based Alpina.

You cannot imagine my excitement when I saw this roll in. However, this car is not completely original and has a few aesthetic modifications such as a different wheel arch. But all is forgiven by those lovely Alpina wheels and that lovely Alpina green.

A car that can be easily mistaken for the B9, the B7 Turbo. Although there is an E28 based version of this car, this particular one, like the B9, is also based on the sharknose six series.

There was also supposed to be an Alpina B10 that would show up, but due to mechanical issues, the guy took a sharknose M6 to the meet. There were many more Alpinas that showed up, and I will post those in a more detailed post on my first Daikoku experience.

Unfortunately for me, it would appear that this past Saturday was a slow day. My friend took me to another great car place in Tokyo called Tatsumi Parking Area. Again, not many cars were there, but at least I get to see this incredibly rare and valuable 3.0 CSL BMW. I have seen plenty of 3.0 CS Beemers, but this was my first CSL!

After we met up with another friend, I was able to go to Tokyo's famed Bingo Sports used car dealership. A place where anyone other than serious buyers are denied entry, I was so incredibly lucky that my new friend was also friends with the owner of Bingo Sports.

In order to explain to you how crazy this place is, imagine a place where a Porsche Carrera GT is the most boring and plain car there. Crazy, I know, but hear me out because this was my next spot.

A road legal Ferrari F40 "LM" Competizione. I freaked out in the presence of this magnificent beast. I was also quite on edge when I was taking pictures due to how valuable the cars in this place is.

Although this was not one of the two that raced officially in Le Mans, this WAS one of the Ferrari factory conversion F40 LM's known as the Competizione.

While the F40 Competizione is an incredibly special car, the next car is even more special.

One of the 5 Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione. In fact, this was the first 288 GTO Evoluzione to roll off the production line to race.

Unlike the later Evoluziones, this (the first one) was not converted from a normal 288 GTO, rather it was built from scratch.

To add to the car's uniqueness, this is also the ONLY road legal 288 GTO Evoluzione.

Inside were two Ferrari Daytonas in race livery. This was the prettier one of the two and I just cannot believe all these invaluable cars are for sale.

For more information about these cars, you can visit their website at

The owner of Bingo Sports is also the owner of the Tokyo Pagani dealership and here we have the 16th Pagani Huayra ever made, called the Tempesta. This is also the first Huayra to be imported to Japan.

Unfortunately for those interested in buying this particular car, this one has already been sold.

Next to it was this one off Pagani Zonda Kiryuu. Based off of the Zonda F Roadster, the Kiryuu is no normal Zonda.

Utilizing parts from the Zonda Revolucione, the Kiryuu was quoted by Horacio Pagani to be the best roadster he ever made. At this point, this is no longer a Zonda F, rather a topless Revoluzione.

Now that I have gotten your interest (I hope) I do hope you look forward to my full, more detailed post on each of these incredibly special cars. I am just to excited to not share my weekend with all of you guys. Which one of these are you looking forward to seeing more pictures of? Comment your thoughts down below and as always thank you for reading!

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    • Thank you! Haha. I’ve been thinking of selling prints of these (after blanking the plates of course)

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  • Love this article although when talking about the Nissans, to me the front of the 2020 concept and GT-R50 are fine but the rear of both cars are disgusting.

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