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Imagine yourself a couple of thousand years ago, without leaf springs, without coil overs, just wood on beams with a horse or donkey as your steering. Ugh... Imagine the smell...

No streamlined production lines. Bruh, you had to wing it without powertools. Make do with what you got. Et cetera. Nowadays, even making a cart/carriage means using methods unheard of back in the day.

The leaf springs and rubber on this carriage at least gives some comfort. It even has mudguards o_O.

Progress was slow back then. You would go through a few horses to find out that putting a wooden beam on its back actually hurts it, and only then would you "maybe" switch to a rope like thing or if you're lucky, leather strips, instead.

There's much we take for granted.

Quattro concept

Indeed, the ancient horse & carriage is a far cry from the comfort we know today(unless you're modern day amish or British royalty or sight seers in select cities). Nowadays we wash our cars fairly often and we turn our noses up in disgust when we accidentally drive over a "moonpie" left by a cow/horse that happened to cross the road. Like, Ewww...

And yet strange enough, cart tracks were found in stone in Turkey. This means that transportation has been vital to us for ages.

Why did it take so long for us to have cars?

We went from this in 1918...

1918 Dodge Brothers touring

With little to no shocks up front...

To this in 2018...

2018 Mercedes S560

The absolute in luxurious wafting. It took a mere 100 years.

However, we also went from healthily living off the lands 2000+ years ago to morbid obese epidemics in our current day and age. Progress is in fact both sides of the same coin. It could be a bad thing(people not exercising due to luxury transportation) and a good thing(luxury transportation)

Progress is advancement by a group of like-minded individuals who want to move forward. Back in ancient times, moving forward meant amassing wealth. Best way to do this was by attracting people to come to your city. The more people, the more wealth. Buying and selling what is available to whoever is near, hence the big festivals to attract more people. No attraction means no influx in possible wealth. See? Now it makes sense why the buildings of old are so majestic. The ancients didn't want others to have the wondrous architecture they possessed, so they built from blueprints kept in secret. There was no need to build a faster cart that could be copied by someone else(possibly losing the copyright and then losing more people). They left transportation as is. I.e. No progress on the transportation front for eons...


I, for one, am happy to be a part of the 2018 world. But, the ancient ways... It makes you wonder...

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