B​ack to Burago

And there's 88 Countach, one of my first 1:18 diecasts

I had to sell my first Countach after a while, but a long time later, another Countach was gifted to me by a friend in the diecast group. The car has been meticulously looked after and somewhat restored. I think it was tried to be likened to the AUTOart version.

When the car came to me, its doors could be opened, but it would not go up. I knew that it had to go up when the doors opened, since I was also from the same car before.

While I was thinking about what I can do for the doors, I found the springs in the picture among the tools (I think it's called a torsion spring) and I turned it upside down and placed the ends under the car's door and on the back of the fender. So when you lower the doors and close the clips, the springs get compressed and stay like that. When you open the doors again, it allows them to go up in an instant.

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