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4y ago

We've taken a bit of a break since Detroit. Focus was on school, family and other things but with our first karting club meeting complete, and the start of the Indycar season today in St. Petersburg it's time to focus on the business of karting.

Last week, we cleaned and set-up Logan's old kart, and sized up Myles' Kart at Performance Racing Ontario (PRO). They also had FMR teammate Niko's Kart under cover, ready to tackle next. Jayden's kart is due in soon. Meanwhile, the newest Team FMR driver, and Intrepid Kart scholarship winner, Anthony was getting his kart built and sized.

Niko's race-proven kart awaiting a little TLC before the start of the 2017 race season.

Niko's race-proven kart awaiting a little TLC before the start of the 2017 race season.

We also turned our attention to sponsorship. We started late this season and so far have found it hard to bring aboard new sponsors. Fortunately all of last year's sponsors are returning, and we do hope to announce three new sponsors soon. In the meantime we are preparing replacement kart graphics where required for the old karts and new graphics for Myles' kart (being new, it's naked) and Jayden's kart. Big news is that Jayden has decided to stop carrying Caterpillar's NASCAR graphics free of charge. Jayden will be sporting team colours this year, with a CAT yellow news in honour of his Dad's workplace. Unfortunately, he was late to register this year and lost his favoured number 22. Instead he will be running 55. (kinda looks like 22 upside down, but let's hope he keeps the wheels on the ground.) Logan returns with 28, Myles 888, Niko 87 and Anthony will adopt number 9.

We had a couple of fun projects to keep us busy in the off-season as well, designing a couple of new kart graphics for other teams/drivers. One is a completely new design, so we won't spoil the race debut but the other, with sponsorship from Cobourg Mazda is a homage to Mazda's most famous race car, it's RENOWN 24 hour Lemans Winner. In many ways this was harder to create than a custom graphic, but we were happy with the result and can't wait to see it on track this summer. We have included the graphic files in today's post for you to enjoy though.

That's it for this week. Now we are getting ready to race, we expect to have a post a week between now and April, so keep checking in on us.

β€” Team FMR

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