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The 1956-1957 Studebaker President Classic was a luxury four-door on the longer of Studebaker's two late-'50s wheelbases. A revival of the posh Land Cruiser after a year's absence.
Actually, the '56 and similar '57 President Classics weren't so much special models as the only ones -- other than Hawks -- to retain the longer 120.5-inch chassis used since 1953. The President Classic's inner body structure was basically the same as 1953 models too, but outer panels were fully restyled to impart a more upright, "important" look, highlighted by mesh grilles (full-width on '57s) and greatly extended rear fenders.
Drivers checked rate of progress with a revolving-drum "Cyclops eye" speedometer perched atop the dash directly ahead, a 1930s throwback that might better have been avoided, though it was one of the few things that could be changed to make the cars seem new.


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