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Furka Pass

The overall plan was visit central Switzerland then go west to France and explore some new passes we didn't know in southern France.

The start of our trip was a rainy day in Germany. This time we didn't go for the Schwarzwald or any other location on the route to the passes.

We tried to go for some mountain passes on the first day. Our goal was the Sustenpass and Grimselpass for the first day. You maybe remember that the Sustenpass is one of our favorite. So we stopped in Wassen to fuel up the cars after ~400km of Autobahn through Germany and Switzerland. If you want to know we did about 7,4l/100km (~32mpg).

We drove the Sustenpass up, took some photos and back down. Unfortunately there was some fog on the top. But I think we created some nice photos. See for yourself

After the Sustenpass naturally you do the Grimselpass. It was very foggy up there, with a visiblity of maybe 50 meters. The automatic headlights of BMW doesn't work properly on fog and you have to enable your headlights by yourself. Remember that!

We had plenty of time to kill because not much to do with a foggy weather. Se we went up the Furkapass to the Belvedere Hotel to take some pictures. What else we should do (instead of burning fuel) :)

We headed back down the Furka and drove up the Nufenenpass. No new pictures there because we didn't find any new spots worth it. You find some pictures from the last time here.

That was day one. In the next couple of days I will post more of our trip, there are some epic roads ahead.

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  • Nice place to be. Except the snow part. Just sick of snow. Looks like a lovely romantic twist and turn through Gods wonder land.

    1 year ago
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