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Back to the Fu... Jaguar!

My thoughts before my last but one car change.

29w ago

Bit of a blast from the past here. Jump in your Delorean fire up the Flux Capacitor and join me on a trip back to medieval 2017!

I was digging through some of my old YouTube videos which are now private or unlisted. These are the things that I think scored me my pre-launch invite to DriveTribe! Amongst them I stumbled upon this one and I thought it was quite interesting, so I'd share it.

These are my thoughts on changing car back before I'd gotten rid of my notorious Jaguar X-Type.

That was what I was thinking well over three years ago! I never thought back then I'd end up in a Porsche 911 that ironically is actually the same year as the Jaguar I was getting rid of then. The difference is the Porsche seems to retain some value. Brand new I reckon my Carrera 4S was between £80,000 and £85,000, it's now worth about £25,000. The Jaguar was about £35,000 new and I ended up trading in for £1000 or so I think? It would have been on the forecourt for approx £4000 I'd say.

So in reality, the Porsche has technically lost MORE money, even though it's lost a smaller % of its value. The question is, has the Porsche bottomed out? It it likely to become an appreciating classic? Even if I keep putting the 5-7k miles a year I tend to do?

Food for thought! The Focus ST I paid £18k for, I got £12,500 trade in for three years later against the Porsche.

Martyn Stanley

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