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Back to the near Future: This is what the DeLorean would look like as a 2021 supercar

Automotive designer Angel Guerra's latest creation is a modernised EV take on the classic DeLorean design.

It's safe to say that the DMC DeLorean is a car that truly has global appeal, with its unique design being instantly recognisable across the globe, particularly after being lifted to a new level of fame through its starring role in the Back to the Future films.

However, Spanish automotive designer Angel Guerra took it upon himself in his spare time to see if he could take the core, iconic design elements of the DeLorean and apply them to a 2021 model electric supercar – and the results, quite frankly, are pretty stunning.

Guerra – who notes on his blog that he was directly involved in the design of cars such as the Rimac C_Two – took it upon himself to conjure up this design over the course of the past three weeks to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original DeLorean first going on sale back in 1981, a car which he points out always had a big impact on him since first seeing it in the film trilogy.

The most obvious elements of the original DeLorean that are clearly featured here in Guerra's design include the trademark stainless steel silver body colour, the gullwing doors, rear window louvres, and multi-spoke wheel design.

However, Guerra's design gives it a more rounded, wider, and sleeker profile, along with adding some suitably retro-futuristic light bars that wrap around the entire vehicle's beltline.

One particularly neat touch in the design is the chunky rear diffuser, which while it may simply look to be there for aerodynamics is actually a nod to the large rear thrusters fitted to the DeLorean time machine in the B2TF films, with them located in the diffuser rather than simply stuck on top of the rear of the car so as not to spoil its sleek roofline.

Personally, I love what Guerra has envisioned here, as there's just enough DeLorean-ness about it, while still feeling like a modern design befitting of today's EV supercars. Let us know though...

Please note: This rendering is an independently-made creation by Angel Guerra, and is in no way related to or endorsed by the DeLorean Motor Company. You can follow Guerra's progress with this creation on Instagram, Twitter, and Wordpress here.

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Comments (76)

  • Wow! One of those modern renderings that actually looks better than the original. If the Deloren Motor Company still exists, they should produce this, hopefully for under $100,000.

      1 month ago
  • Yes, yes, and more yes.

      1 month ago
  • That looks soooooo good

      1 month ago

      1 month ago
  • Man the renderings are beautiful,

    but the thing is in the name of modernization he lost the characteristics of the older Delorean,

    ahh, mate what you did there is you've just slipped into Maserati Territory and knowingly or unknowingly redesigned the Maserati Merac,

    It looks more of a cool modern redesign of a Maserati Mirac than a modern Delorean DMC 12,

    The real fact of the matter is it a slight criticism but with a compliment hidden in it,

    Even the vehicle looks like a Maserati is automagically a compliment,

    So Yeah it looks more Maserati with those lines than Delorean DMC12

      1 month ago