Backroad Burner - Kickmoto Honda CB750

A street tracker/brat style build from the crew at canada's Kickmoto workshop.

The CB750 builds continue to roll in! We've seen the legendary Honda transformed so many times it's hard to believe anyone is doing anything original with them, but today we've been proven otherwise. Jeff Shaw and Jordan Braun of Canada's KickMoto workshop have just dropped their latest work, a '72 Honda CB750k, into our inbox and it's a lean looking machine. KickMoto is still in its early years of development so we had a chat with team member Jeff Shaw to find out more about the development of their workshop and the KickMoto 005 CB750.

ROCR: So how did KickMoto get started?

Jeff: We all met through a mutual friend and hit it off because of our common interest in motorcycles. The completion of my first build with the help of the guys triggered what would become the foundation of KickMoto. My boss at the time saw the recently completed bike and inquired about having one of his own. So we built him the 'Logan' Honda CB550 which became KickMoto's first official build. This build gave us the exposure we needed to create the brand and build a customer base. Since then we have completed five official builds and are currently working on the sixth, our biggest project to date.

Today KickMoto is me, Jeff Shaw, and Jordan Braun. Currently, KickMoto is a side job for both of us. During the day I practice architecture and Jordan works as a mechanical engineer. KickMoto lets us unleash our creativity on something tangible, something that we can do with our hands. Although we grind away all day designing on computer software, there is something special and something very rewarding about the process and exchange of information from analog to digital and back to analog. We have started to do this on a few bikes now where we are using 3D printing in metal for some of our parts or components. You will definitely see KickMoto engaging in more computer-aided design and manufacturing, but it will still always come back to the joys of creating something by hand.

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