Bad Driving Compilation Shows the Dangers of...Bad Driving

Warning: some scenes may contain graphic material

3y ago

This compilation video shows us just how ridiculously dumb many drivers are on the road. Honestly, the number of people that are allowed to drive JUST IN THE USA is astounding, so I can't even imagine the chaos that the rest of the world must also experience from their idiot drivers.

The video shows everything from the hilarious (a random street barricade blowing in front a car), to the heart attack inducing (the closest train near-hit I have ever seen), to some seriously deranged and angry folks.

This video comes at an especially interesting time as I witnessed an act of pure stupidity yestrday where the other driver definitely deserved to be pulled out of his car and have his butt kicked. I was on the freeway with my whole family in the car (wife, two young children, two elderly).

I was in the third lane over when I noticed a car that had just merged onto the freeway drifting erratically. Before my mind could process what was happening, the car just lurched across three lanes before righting itself in front of me, causing quite a few sudden stops by other cars.

As I passed the driver, I saw him hunched with his head down, ON HIS PHONE.

Just a disclaimer, not all the incidences on the video are super duper awesome, so just keep that in mind when watching the video.


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