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Here's a contemporary baffled sump design idea translated back into the steel GTI sump used in all external water pump transverse engines.

Take some sheet steel, a nibbler or other cutting tools, bench grinder as a bonus and a MIG. Use in conjunction with a windage tray. Great for performance upgrades to Club track events, through to race. Curiously even the Nurburgring has coincided with engine trouble in even the most standard but well used GTIs, so well worth making some effort to upgrade oil control for any VW being put through its paces.

Using inspiration from one of these - a Seat Sport aluminium baffled sump:

(if it's good enough for them....)

Here's the initial version using lateral baffles. Rather than hinged doors, this has simpler non-movable return windows for simplicity when it was created:

Next up: cardboard cut outs and oil pump fit testing to bring in the Seat Sport design:

Make up the steel equivalents, tack in and test on engine with particular attention to the height of the baffle below the oil pump:

Once everything checked, including dummy installing with a windage tray, weld everything up properly.

Follow that with a thorough wire brushing, and wash out with brake cleaner afterwards. Then torch and mirror inspection under the baffles to look for any weld spatter to remove. Airline to finish if you have one, but otherwise that inspection cannot be thorough enough.


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