Baggsy - The Driftenberg Project

A quick look behind 'The Driftenberg Project'

2y ago

Unleashing his 1000+ horespower, LSX V8 swapped Nissan R35 GTR. Baggsy tears up the peaceful town of Fichtenberg, Germany in the only way he knows. The fast paced, smoke and fire fuelled edit is pure entertainment for any drift fan.

Baggsy: Im super excited to release “The Driftenberg Project’. The idea for the project was devised by the guys and girls at ST Suspensions, and the #LSXR35 was definitely the car for the job. Having the opportunity to abuse a disused warehouse complex in the German town of Fichtenberg was awesome. All the locals came out to watch the filming. I took the Mayor out for a ride along too, it was pretty mad! We wanted to make a smoke and fire fuelled edit, with loads of action. I’m stoked with the end result. And who knows, maybe we will be back for more…

Check out the full film from Thirteen Media below.

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  • I woke up to drifting! My day is complete...

      2 years ago