BAH HUMBAG-ATTI: The Grand Tour Episode 3 Review

The Grand Tour is in Majorca

2y ago

This week The Grand Tour is in Majorca where James May Tests the new Kia Stinger against Skateboarders, Richard Hammond and James May play a game of Car park racing to alleviate the lunchtime bordom and Jeremy Clarkson tries out the New Bugatti Chiron in an Epic Cross Europe Dash.

In celebrity face off Hugh Bonneville and Casey Anderson go head to head to see who lives with a bear.

The episode opened with the review of the new Kia Stinger GT by dingleberry handpump this review was very well structured and well presented The Stinger then went up against two skareboarders and the results was that of car.

After his very in depth well presented well structured review of the car the presenters then went straight into conversation street where the presenters exchanged gifts and thourght the gift giving process Jeremy and James kept mentioning Richards Crash that was had during the filming of series 2 which was funny at first but then felt like they were dragging the subject of the mater out for to long.

They also lit their traditional Christmas Tree in true GT fashion with decorations from old car parts and the collapsed sun that was supposed to be a star at the top of the tree but Jeremy kept saying it was the baby Jesus.

The show then moves onto the Car park racing segment that James and Richard had filmed and this part of the show was probably the most entertaining for me as i thought it was quite funny to watch.

Jeremy was then on a Cross Europe Dash in the new Bugatti Chiron; this is an excellently filmed piece of work and worth a watch, the car itself i think can reach up to speeds on 220mph and according to Jeremy is “THE FASTEST CAR…IN THE WORLD”

in this episode we see Giovanni who was their servant for the Namibia special of Series 1

in essence the main focus of this episode is the Bugatti Chiron

Celebrity Face off Guests this week are actor Hugh Bonneville and Casey Anderson, they go against each other to see how the other person lives with bears

The Grand Tour Episode 3 is now available on Amazon Prime Video

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