Baja 1000 is coming

2y ago


Baja 1000 is one week away, as you're reading this teams are all over Baja pre-running, looking for the best lines, marking dangers in the GPS, trying to get as prepared as they can but this is Baja, "expect the unexpected" is a common saying around the off-road veterans. This is the 49th edition of the longest non-staged race in the world, one of the most underrated races in the automotive industry and I'll be there shooting.

Spectators watch Bj Baldwin with his 800+ HP Trophy-Truck coming at them.

This race will be the perfect start for this tribe, I can't wait to show you the beautiful frames the Baja 1000 brings, if you're coming to see it or shoot it, I invite you to share here all your photos and story, this Tribe will be full of dust in the coming days...

A class11 Baja bug fights againt the terrain

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