Ballistic FIAT X1/9 with a 9.000Rpm Alfa Romeo Touring Car Engine

Manuel Dondi and his little Monster, fast than ever

One of the outright Fastest machines in HillClimb Racing, it´s Manuel Dondi and his FIAT X1/9, a duo that took some time off during last season, racing only an handful of events, but still showing staggering performance.

Not only did it beat the All-Time Touring Car record at the legendary Trento-Bondone (beating Georg Plasa´s time with the BMW E36 Judd V8), it also went to Buzet in Crotia to completely obliterate all its competition and leaving behind plenty of machine with over twice its power.

This is a 670Kg lightweight mid-engined machine, now powered by a Alfa Romeo D2 motor (taken from the 156 Touring Car) tuned to around 320Hp/9.000Rpm. This 2 Time Italian Hillclimb Champion has been tuned and refined for years by Cavallini Motorsport and is one of the pinnacles of efficiency in the Sport. And coming back in full force this year. We´ll be here waiting patiently...

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