Many people have told me. "Josh, don't get the car you want for your first car; because you'll only go and crash it.". In hindsight, I'm glad I took that advice.

So back in July, I sold my Fiesta. It's the one thing I did'nt want to do, but I had to. With all the things wrong with it and the ever rising price of insurance, the Fiesta bit the dust. Instead I went and bought myself a Ford Ka. The typical hairdressers car here in the UK. Or the typical first car, which ever one you like best!

I could finally enjoy the freedom that I had waited for for so long! But alas it wasn't for long... After 6 months of being on the road, several breakdowns and over 8500 miles covered, I ended up crashing it.

One dreary Monday morning, in the British winter weather. I was driving on my way to work, as I did every morning. This time I took a road I did'nt usually take (due to the back roads being icy). About 20 minutes into my drive though, all seemed fine, until I braked too late and skidded on ice... straight into the back of a MINI. I have to be honest. For a crash, it was the calmest crash I could have had. So much so that the MINI didn't come out with as much damage as the Ka. So after many hours on the phone to my insurer, the Ka was taken away and I have yet to pick it up again.


Basically everything on the front. The whole bumper came off (including the arches), Lights, and the whole engine block was moved back a few inches with the radiator being impailed into the block. The front wheels were only just able to move. Other than that the car was, okay to say the least. I'm glad it wasn't the Fiesta that I crashed!


There is one thing that this whole experience has reinforced, and that is how reliant we have become on personal transport. Without having my car for a week, I had to be ferried around by colleagues and family, and after all of the confusion with the insurance companies, I am finally back on the road.

But more on that later!

Goodbye Ford Ka! Rest In Pieces.

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