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Banging stereo for your tunes: best car stereos 2020 guide

A great TV presenter and journalist (well, James May) once told us that, when it comes to customisation, nothing is more important than having a "banging stereo for our tunes". While it's true that most modern cars come with factory audio systems, there's also a big market for classic and custom made cars, and you might need a great car stereo for those.

There are several options out there. Budget is always going to play a key role but it also depends on what you want and whether you're just looking for a no-nonsense music player, or a more complex infotainment system. So here's a list of reasonably-priced car stereos available online.

Andven Bluetooth Car Stereo

The Andven Bluetooth Car Stereo is an inexpensive system that also includes Bluetooth connection, for both your music and hands-free calls, AUX and of course FM with full automatic search. You can also use SD cards as well as USB cards to listen to your favourite playlists on the move. It's a jack all of trades. And reasonably priced.

Simple, affordable

Andven Bluetooth Car Stereo

No need to spend a fortune to get tunes flowing through your vehicle

7-inch Din car stereo

The Din by Cavogin car stereo is a bit more complicated and it might be the right product if you're looking for an MP3 and radio player that also comes with a touchscreen. In fact, you can use the 7-inch screen for MP4 videos (up to 1080 HD) and to check out a rear view camera. This system supports AV-IN for reverse camera, which also means it can switch automatically to rear camera when you're in reverse.

The one with the screen

7 inch Touch Screen Double Din Car Stereo

High-definition touchscreen goodness and the ability to see behind you

Aigoss car stereo

Apart from its functionality, the Aigoss car stereo is recognisable for its retro-classic design, which sets it apart from most other car stereos that either look conventional or futuristic. Apart from the quirky looks, it features all the things you need including USB, SD and AUX ports, handsfree calling via Bluetooth and a wireless remote control.

REtro stylings

Aigoss Car Stereo with Bluetooth

Snazzy looks, lots of features and a remote control too

Eincar car stereo

The Eincar car stereo is admittedly a lot more expensive than basically everything else here but it justifies the eye-watering price with plenty of features, many of which aren't actually available in most other stereos. To begin with, this is one of very few stereos to still feature a DVD player (remember them?) and it has an in-built GPS system. It also comes with Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls, screen mirror function and includes USB and SD card readers. On top of all that, both the 7-inch screen and the front panel are detachable to prevent theft.

a dvd player! GPS!

EINCAR Single Din Car DVD Player

DVD player. GPS. Bluetooth. USB. SD card. Big screen. Detachable. What more do you want?

Eincar Android car stereo

The Eincar Double 2 Din Android is basically the same as the one we've previously mentioned except this runs on Android OS and it includes a back camera. Even though this runs on Android, it also still features Mirror Link, which means you can still connect your phone if it runs on iOS.

Android skillz

EINCAR Double 2 Din Android 10.0 Car Stereo

Android capabilities and a camera included

BMW E46 car stereo

The SWTNVIN car stereo (I know, weird name) is special chiefly because it's designed specifically to fit in the dashboard of the much loved BMW E46, the fourth generation of the BMW 3 series. It doesn't come cheap but it does feature all the bits and bobs you'd reasonably expect. The system, which can be operated via a 7-inch HD touchscreen, runs on Android and it incorporates USB, hands-free calling, a GPS system and several useful apps from the in-built Google Play Store. The same stereo is also available for the other vehicles including several Opel vehicles, Audi A4, Audi A3 and BMW E39.

the model-specific one

SWTNVIN Android 10.0 Car Audio Stereo

If you have an E46 BMW 3 Series then why WOULDN'T you have this stereo?

EZone Tronics 10 car stereo

The EZone Tronics 10 runs on a quad-core 1.3GHz Android system with 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM, which means it works fast, and it features an in-built GPS navigation system, USB and SD as well as MP3 compatibility. As the name suggests, it comes with a 10-inch touchscreen even though unfortunately it does not support 1080 HD (only 1024:600).


EZoneTronics 10 inch Android 8.1 Car Radio Stereo

Monster screen, monster fast and all the toys

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