- The Baojun RC-6


In China, the first large-scale sedan crossover was born

44w ago


Since the advent of SUVs at the beginning of the third millennium, sedans have lost importance in the lists of large companies and today they are now a niche product.

Front section

Front section

In China, however, they continue to be widely sold and this year the manufacturer Boajun, managed by General Motors and SAIC Motor, wanted to introduce an interesting vehicle on the national market.

Side section

Side section

This is the RC-6, the first sedan crossover built in series in the history of the automotive industry and based on the chassis of the RS-5 SUV.

Rear section

Rear section

In the cockpit the instrumentation is completely digital while the seats have been made of leather as well as many inserts.

The cockpit

The cockpit

Endowed with level 2 driving assistance systems, the car is equipped with a 150 HP L2B 1.5 four-cylinder engine managed by an automatic CVT gearbox.


As a sedan lover I can only rejoice at this news because such a vehicle could save the category from progressive extinction, but what do you think?

Thank you to Valentina Zanola for the cooperation


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