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Base-spec Range Rover Evoque anyone?

Digital artist has rendered the second-generation Range Rover Evoque in both base-spec form and as a pickup.

2y ago

The new Range Rover Evoque was introduced in November 2018 and has made quite a stir in the community. This is the Whitley-based automaker’s second-generation SUV. But, have you ever wondered what this SUV would look like in both base-spec form and as a pickup?

X-Tomi Design, the digital artist responsible for below renders, decided to render a base-spec Evoque by adding a black plastic front end, steel wheels and basic headlamps. The new Range Rover Evoque uses deployable flush door handles, however, no base model will have these standard. X-Tomi Design fitted the base-spec Evoque with the iconic black plastic handles. Don't worry though, aforementioned handles match the entry-level side-mirror caps...



The rendered pickup, displayed above, features an extended wheelbase. Carmag continues to say that the pickup has a single-cab body configuration, tonneau cover and finally a cheeky spoiler. Note the fairly large alloys. The rendered pickup seems to ride quite close to the ground. Carmag states that, if Range Rover ever decides to produce an Evoque pickup, it will likely employ the new model’s all-wheel-drive system with “Terrain Response 2” and “Ground View” technology.

So, what are you thoughts? Would you buy a base-spec Evoque if it was reasonably priced? Or, do you prefer the pickup? Vote down below.


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Comments (13)

  • I love the base spec, its a proper offroader

      2 years ago
  • The base model reminds me of an old Freelander.

      2 years ago
  • That's..... something

      2 years ago
  • Wow a basic spec Land Rover last time I saw a basic spec Land Rover was in the 1990's.

      2 years ago
  • This would’ve printed bales of cash for Rover... but again thanks to bad data flooding executives’ desks, they went w a wheezy and terribly designed/matched 2LT without manual transmission (all real trucks have them for control and liability - but b1tches dont take responsibility for their lack of education or experience anymore). Imagine a base N/A v8 mated to a robust 6-speed, 4x4 with rear drive and cylinder deactivation for highway priced at 40k? Wouldn’t even matter if they were straight-axles under coilovers (Wrangler) or IFS (like the Dakar racer), they’d be the #1 mid-size seller with looks like that, and maybe even compete softroad/WRC successfully without much fuss.

      2 years ago