BAT INTO HELL. Macco’s ‘Dark Angel’ Yamaha XJR1300

Clearly, Spain's Macco Motors have managed a minor miracle in the form of this custom black and white ’00 XJR1300 they call the ‘Dark Angel’.

2y ago


If you’ve ever ridden any of the larger capacity UJMs, you’ll know that a lack of caution when applying the throttle can be a biblical experience, metaphorically or otherwise. With sub three second ton-up times for most of these colossally-motored motos, they can outrun a Porsche Turbo and let you feel like a vengeful god, to boot. So when Spain’s Macco Motors had a client request to make the follow-up to a previous Yamaha custom named ‘The Sinner’, they’ve managed a minor miracle in the form of this all-new black and white ’00 XJR 1300 they call the ‘Dark Angel’.

Macco’s Jose starts proceedings with a brief shop update. “It seems we’ve only been working on two motorcycle brands in the last 6 months: Triumph and Yamaha. The Yamahas included two XSR700s, an XSR900 in collaboration with TW Steel & Yamaha Europe and a restomod Yamaha XJR1300. Then, as an encore of sorts, we built this Yamaha XJR1300”.



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