Batman's Tumbler

When the cape crusader ask you to photograph his batmobile. You answer the call.

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Following it around the small town of Melbourne is almost unreal.

Jonathan Camere

Ok, maybe not Batman. But the team behind TEAM GALAG. I had the privilege to meet the guys from Team Galag last year. It all started because they ran into some photos of Camaro’s that I had taken in Orlando. Even though I am based in Miami, I had traveled to Orlando to cover a big Camaro car show. We had a very casual lunch meeting in Miami about what they needed and how I could help them. By now, we should all know that Team Galag built a replica of Batman’s Tumbler and a custom one off exotic car called the TG1. The cars were built by Parker Brother Concepts in Melbourne, FL. I have also been a fan of their work for some time. So, this was a great opportunity. This is exactly the kind of jobs that I live for. Keep the project top secret. Produce high quality photography of cars. Especially something as memorable as the Tumbler and the custom build exotic like the TG1.

The seats are getting the final touches...

The seats are getting the final touches...

Day 1 – Meeting the Tumbler

Fast forward to the end of April and after many emails, texts and calls later we had a plan, we had a schedule planned and hotel rented. What we couldn’t do was control the weather. One day I will, but for now I am at it’s mercy. We arrive at Melbourne, FL and meet with the incredible guys from Parker Brother Concepts to find out that the Tumbler was at a shop getting the interior done.

Everything was running much slower since it has been raining non-stop for about 2 weeks. So, at this point we just had to play the waiting game.

To make things worse, the rain kept coming in and out and we had to stay overnight to shoot the Tumbler the next day. Also, the TG1 was delayed due to the weather and the paint. I knew I would have to go back to Miami and come back another for another round. At this point I still had not seen the car in person. It was bad news after bad news but we were here to get the photos done and there was no stopping us. Since there was no photos going to get done that night the Parker Brother invited us to the premier of Iron Man 3. They were, of course, going to the movies with an Iron Man suit. What else was I going to do but to set up a quick photo shoot and capture Iron Man in all his glory.

Day 2 – Shooting the Tumbler

The sun rises, it’s a brand new day. The rain is gone and it looks like the shoot for the Tumbler will actually happen today. It’s go time and we are ready! The location I had found was perfect for the subject. Thank you Google and Street View! It was like it was meant to be there just for this shoot to happen. I am glad, because it worked out perfectly.

It was priceless to see their faces, pull out their cameras or cellphones and even stop traffic.

Me again

What was the most interesting part of the whole trip was actually driving to the location with this menacing machine on the quiets streets of Melbourne, FL. I ,especially, had a awesome time looking at everyone just driving their cars around town when all of the sudden, you see this thing right next to you at a light. It was priceless to see their faces, pull out their cameras or cellphones and even stop traffic. Without a doubt something you can’t never get used to. But, somehow, the guys at Parker Brothers are very familiar with all the attention. Now, the time of day that I got to shoot the Tumbler wasn’t exactly perfect. I would have liked to shoot the car later during the day while I would have not had to fight the daylight so much but we worked with what we were given. Thankfully I brought an AlienBee 1600 with plenty of juice just in case I needed to fight the sun. Which we did!

This was believe it or not a very quick photo shoot. We started at 4:40 pm and the last photo was taken at 5:20 pm. In all I was able to shoot this car in 40 minutes. The guys at Parker Brothers were afraid to stay out too long since it again looked like it might rain and with the interior just done, it would have been pretty bad for the Tumbler. We called it a wrap.

Back in Miami, I was able to check out the photos closely. Now that I had the raw material, I needed to come up with a theme for the photos. This IS the Tumbler. This IS out of action movie. I couldn’t go with a regular boring setup. I had to make it wild. I looked at Batman posters from the last trilogy and I ran into my answer. I picked one of them and off to work on Photoshop for the next 5 hours to get the look just right for the 1st photo. After all the dust and smoke settled. I had my 1st photo done and the rest quickly were done as well.

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  • These guys are terrific with their builds. I just posted a pic from Gumball 3000 with their great looking Mercedes C63 AMG.

      4 years ago
  • nice piece

      4 years ago