Battery farming

Plugging into the future of all-electric agriculture

3y ago

Porsche AG is delighted to announce the latest addition to the Mission E model line. Following the successful debut of the Mission E Cross Turismo at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, Porsche is heading even further off-road with the all-electric Mission E Tractor.

This bold vision for 21st Century agriculture blends design cues from Porsche's original mid 1950s tractors with the same advanced digital connectivity and 800v fast-charging architecture that powers the Mission E.

With a power output in excess of 700hp, the Mission E Tractor will be the fastest accelerating agricultural vehicle in the world, enabling farmers to harvest crops in record time with the added environmental benefits of zero emissions at source and significantly reduced operating noise.

The Mission E Tractor will also benefit from Porsche's newly developed FastFarm App, designed to provide 24-hour satellite-based weather updates and a mobile farmers' forum.

Porsche is confident that the combination of tradition and innovation - and enough power to set a pretty good lap time on the Nordschleife - will make the Mission E Tractor a runaway sales success.

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Comments (16)

  • 700hp in a tractor? I love it

      3 years ago
  • Yep and it is said that this will be your company car too Mark. Should be able to lap Top Gear track faster that a certain Green 3 pointed star too!!!

      3 years ago
    • Yes it would be able to go over all of the debris when it is dug up for housing soon๐Ÿ˜„

        3 years ago
  • An EV tractor! What next an EV woman from Porsche that does all the things a normal woman does but with less emmisions.

      3 years ago
    • Yes. More economical in the sense there are less mood swings and therefore no environmental problems caused by temper tantrums.

        3 years ago
  • April's fool?

      3 years ago
  • Does it come with a normal tractor in case it gets stuck? If thats a picture of the real thing, the ground clearence is crap! Id like to see it get into some the feilds on my Uncles farm...!

    A good start though maybe.

      3 years ago