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Battle of the East and the West! Hyundai i30N vs VW Golf GTI!
  • Hyundai i30N
  • VW Golf GTI
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  • Of course, the Hyundai i30N for me! It's also ranked Sub Zero in the DT Cool Wall... Need I say more?

      10 months ago
    • I’d agree but the GTI is also great

        10 months ago
    • Well said. Both are great cars for sure. I guess it's a matter of preference.

        10 months ago
  • Glad to see that the i30N is first, hope it'll stay 1st

      10 months ago
    • Yup... The GTI is good, but the i30N is even better.

        10 months ago
    • Honestely, I find the golf way too boring for a sports car, it's a great daily car, it is confortable, powerfull enough and spacious. But it isn't fun at all, the chassis is meh and the brakes aren't good at all, they overheat too fast so you...

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        10 months ago
  • Golf still the better car

      10 months ago
  • Definitely the Hyundai

      10 months ago
  • I drove behind an I30N, lovely sound, but I don't like the looks of it, if only the veloster turbo had the same engine...

    And about the vw, same story as always, I'm kinda bored of it, so I30N for me.

      10 months ago
    • You know what, there is the Veloster N with the very same engine... It's sold in the North American and the domestic market(Korea), but I think it isn't available in Europe though.

        10 months ago
    • Darng, we'll always have the aftermarket parts I guess..

        10 months ago


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