- Head-to-head: Championship contenders Björn Skottke (KTM) and Kim Hauschild (Volkswagen)

Battle of the giants

1y ago


Suspense galore in the ‘big little’ RCCO racing series: in the ADAC Hansa City Cup, leader of the standings Björn Skottke (KTM) won by a narrow margin in front of his immediate rival, Kim Hauschild (Volkswagen). The two are going to decide the title between themselves in the finale on 25 November and before the crucial last race in the championship are practically tied on points.

Narrow victory for Skottke

The traditional city race of the RCCO featured a compact field with 17 campaigners on the grid who, once again, delivered great entertainment. Leader of the standings Björn Skottke spun in qualifying and had to briefly fear for his qualification for the race. However, the visibly nervous KTM campaigner improved from round to round. After having been able to only defeat record champion Thomas Voigt in a shootout in the semi-final it looked like there would be another shootout in the final against his immediate rival Kim Hauschild. However, shortly before the finish of the second race the Volkswagen campaigner spun. As his Golf GTE Vision RCCO could not be deployed again quickly enough Skottke achieved an unexpected second race win, so clinching overall victory. For the 2002 RCCO champion, this was the first single victory in an RCCO race since the 2011 Supersprint. “Needless to say that was frustrating,” Kim Hauschild said after the race. “But Skottie deserves this victory anyhow – he was simply quicker today.”

The winners congratulated by Christian Hieff from ADAC Hansa

Advantage for Hauschild?

Before the finale at the Hanse-Ring in Harburg on 25 November Björn Skottke is leading the drivers’ standings with a 13-point advantage over Kim Hauschild and now has good chances of giving PROTOTYP-Shell their third consecutive championship title. However, for many racers, Kim Hauschild is the favourite for the title. “The Hanse-Ring is VW soil,” says Björn Skottke who, taking all void-results into account, has a one-point deficit to Hauschild and will have to enter the finale with 15 grams more performance weight than his immediate rival, so assuring suspense.

Björn Skottke versus Kim Hauschild

Difficult race for Volkswagen

The two Volkswagen teams experienced a difficult night at the ADAC Hansa. As early as in free practice it became apparent that the Volkswagen Golf GTE Vision RCCO cars would be difficult to drive between the walls on the tricky city street circuit. In the ‘round of 16’ Bäumler was surprisingly defeated by Audi campaigner Andreas Zschorsch and had to bury his hopes for the title for good. Jörg Schumacher, Daniel Bäumler and Philipp Freitag in the end took positions ten to twelve. Only Kim Hauschild became continually faster in the course of the evening --- not least thanks to the frantic efforts of his team principal, Daniel Bäumler, who was permanently working of the Golf’s setup. With victories against Robert Müller, Gine Peters and Eldert Hedden, Hauschild made it into the final which, in the end, he only lost in an unfortunate battle against Björn Skottke. Thanks to having delivered another strong performance, the racer from Horneburg still has chances of securing the first RCCO drivers’ title for Daniel Bäumler and Volkswagen Motorsport.

Daniel Bäumler working hard

Eldert Hedden clinches podium for Lamborghini

Eldert Hedden provided Joest Racing and Lamborghini with another podium in the ‘big little’ racing series. The two-time RCCO Champion clinched third place. In the ‘small final’ for third place he prevailed 2-1 against Thomas Voigt. The two RCCO Champions had previously fought a gripping duel for pole position which Hedden narrowly decided in his favour with an advantage of 19 thousandths of a second over Voigt. As a result of Jan Hedden taking sixth place, another Lamborghini finished in the top eight. tv racing and Audi put two cars into the top eight as well: Thomas Voigt came fourth, his teammate, Andreas Zschorsch, was happy about position eight and now has good chances of finishing the championship in the top ten for the first time.

Joest Racing's Lamborghini Centenario RCCO

Two titles awarded early

Two titles have been awarded even before the finale of the ‘big little’ racing series: Gine Peters from Team NEXGENracing took a strong seventh place in the ADAC Hansa City Cup, securing an early title win in the ladies’ classification for the 19th time and sixth time in succession on the controller of her ABT Vision RCCO. ‘Rookie of the year’ is Rolf Neuhaus from Scuderia Suedschleife.com who provided the best newcomer for the second time after 2014. In the teams’ classification teams from Volkswagen, Audi and KTM still have title chances. In the manufacturers’ classification KTM are only four points short of clinching the championship title. The Media Cup will be decided between TRÄUME WAGEN and slotblog.de.

Rookie of the year Rolf Neuhaus versus Ladies Champion Gine Peter

Finale at ‘Eiskeller’

The thrilling finale of the ‘big little’ racing series will be held at Hanse-Ring at the ‘Eiskeller’ in Hamburg-Harburg on 25 November starting at 4 PM. As the permanent track is the home base of the RCCO, all teams are intimately familiar with it. In contrast to the other races, tests are possible there as well. The Volkswagen team around Daniel Bäumler has won three of four RCCO races at the Hanse-Ring to date.