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Battle of the two coolest pre war cars I've seen

Help me decide which one's cooler.

5d ago

Packard 12 "Brunn Body"

It's a Packard so it's automatically cool but something amazing is that it's all original and unrestored. Not in perfect conditions but it runs and drives perfectly fine. This specifically was a Packard 12 with the Brunn Body (Touring Cabriolet), only 10 were ever made. A 1 of 10 all original unrestored 80+ years old car! How cool is that?!

Lincoln Phaeton

A normal 1933 Lincoln Phaeton is just plain cool, especially with the V12 like this one. Something that makes this far more special than any other Lincoln Phaeton is the fact that it was formerly owned by president Franklin Roosevelt. This is the car he used in the presidential campaigns, the real deal. The actual one. How fricken awesome is that?!

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