Bburago Bugatti Divo

There are far worse ways to spend $15

As many of you are aware, it's Maisto season at the warehouse clubs (maybe this has something to do with Christmas?), and one of my recent additions is this Bburago Bugatti Divo. For those not familiar, the Divo is, in Bugatti's own words, "Built for corners." And they mean it, as it doesn't receive any power increase over the Chiron that it's based on. But I guess the Chiron is not exactly lacking in that department, so that's ok.

Bburago has done an excellent job with their Divo. It's lacking a little refinement, but you can't really ask for much more, even at the normal price of $30 or so. The important thing for me is that Bburago has finally started building 18th scale models that are actually 1/18, which means it can sit on the shelf with it's much more expensive sisters and not draw undue attention to itself. Grab one if you can.

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Comments (3)

  • For such a prolific company with so many licenses, they really do a good job, those maisto/bburago folks (except for hot metals, those are trash).

      8 months ago
  • Great photos!

      8 months ago
  • I chose a 1:18 Matte Black LaFerrari over this and I think I made the right choice. You're right.

      7 months ago