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Be the first person in the world to drive a Tesla Cybertruck!

This one is on sale and available now

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Tesla Cybertruck replicas are proliferating at breakneck speed. Some are successful while others are more like a joke. Many other replicas are still to come before the real commercialization of the Cybertruck. But good news for those who don't want to wait: one of the replicas is on sale!

After having attracted everyone on social networks, the authors of a Russian replica thought that their creation could also make them money. The base of their Cybertruck is a Russian car, an antique Lada Samara whose design dates back to 1984. It is a very popular compact car in Russia, hence the fact that it was used as the base. According to the website auto.ru, the replica was built in eight days for an investment of about 80,000 rubles, or £1,000/1,300$.

The bodywork is made of sheet metal and the panoramic roof is 95% tinted. The front and rear lights are very faithful to the original pickup while the wheel covers with the Tesla logo were hand made. As can be seen in the various shots, the vehicle has also been lowered. Under the hood is a 1.6L gasoline engine coupled to a manual transmission.

The price is particularly high. The owners ask for 666,666 rubles, or about £8,330/$10,800. Even if it allows you to drive a Cybertruck, it's very expensive, too expensive even for such an impractical vehicle. Indeed, as the vehicle has no doors, you will have to go through the rear trunk to access the passenger compartment.

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