Beast battles ep. 1: awd vs. Rwd

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The V8 gods gave us the beasts to use in fighting the good adrenaline-fight, and when making them they bestowed different abilities to all. Some grab the road with all four claws, like the Audi R8 does, some only with the rear-claws, like the Porsche and the smallest of the litter only grapple with the front paws. Those are usually the easiest to domesticate.

Today we look at what these abilities implie for each beast, and what better way to find out what they can do than to put two very different ones against each other.Audi's top weapon, the R8 uses quattro as it's system of delivering it's full-four-legged capabilities, instead the Porsche lets the front wheels do what they were intended, steering the car, and only the rear ones deliver it's power to the ground.

A never ending dilemma. It is much easier to enjoy such a beast when the 5.2 liter V10 is able to use all of those gears on any weather and deliver all of those 500-and-something horses that lay within, almost. But then again isn't a flat-six 3.8, with around 400 horses and a cabrio top to make it's roars louder, enough? Considering the very small percentage of warriors that are able to enjoy such beasts all-year-round, us, the unfortunate majority that are doomed to have winters and bad weather should have a more justified choice in picking the rear-wheel drive cabrio beasts instead of their thrill-less, four-legged cousins with their number-obsessed-owners.

We only have one shot at this thing called life. Buy the cabrio. Hear those roars. And when weather suggests it's time for something that won't kill you, don't try to force it's hand, use technology and two extra wheels and call it a solution. There is a time for everything, buying a four-wheel drive super-car so you can enjoy it longer is like replacing the hosts on a TV show, after 12 years, and hoping no one notices. They will.

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