Beaters everywhere!

- Way back in 2008 I attended my first show for Traditional Rods and Customs. Called Beatersville, it is held in downtown Louisville, KY on Memorial Day weekend.
- Over 500 cars, trucks and motorcycles were there. This '51 Chevy was one of the first cars I came across that day. Lowered stance, brown primer and pearl white scallops complete its Custom look.
- This 1960s Ford F100 was slammed to the ground with the aid of a air bags.
- The stand out of the show. A late '40s Dodge. Chopped top, air bag suspension and pearl white paint made for one slick custom.
- This chopped top 1948 Ford truck sported chrome reverse wheels and smoothie hubcaps.
- This '30s Chrysler sedan delivery was a wild looking Hot Rod.
- A Flathead Ford V8 motivated this little track T inspired Hot Rod.
- This Model A Ford was set down on a T-Bucket frame. The engine was a SBC with 2 4-barrel carburetors.
- Pinstriping and other types of art could be found on almost every car.
- Not much surfing happens in Louisville, but this Model A 2-door sedan was looking good.
- This Model A coupe was packing some serious heat!
- Even trucks with straight 6 engines can be found here.
- This '51/'52 Ford truck was a great looking ride.
- No mufflers made sure you could here this green monster coming! The wire wheels were a nice touch.
- The exhaust marks on this Model A sport coupe shows just how much it was driven. Those 3 Stromberg 97 carbs fed a strong looking Flathead.
- Cars were everywhere!
- This early '50s Chevy coupe was sporting multiple body mods and even had a custom made front bumper.
- On the 14th and 15th I'll be attending a local show that's dedicated to Traditional builds. Remember to check back for updates!

My intro to Custom Culture.

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