Not exactly the season for high performance cars at the moment and already boredom has set in. Many an ancient Skyline's seeking urgent attention, mechanical tinkering in abundance. The silence only being broken with the clattering of spanners and whispers of "goodbye" as the cash flutters its way to the great cash register in the sky. So with an eye firmly fixed on 2017 here is one of the annual gatherings you can all warm and look forwards to! Beaulieu Simply Japanese.

All Skylines attend, from powerful street machines (money pits) to everyday cars.

This will be the third year that we have attended as a group. Attending any show for the first time and meeting new people can be daunting. It has also been said to me before now that "I would go, but my car isn't good enough". I say that all cars regardless of condition are valid and as long as it has the Skyline badge it is special, so all are welcome to join the stand. Make of the day what you will, some come to enjoy Beaulieu's many delights, such as the gardens, bird displays or car museum. Personally I have been going for years but still have to explore the place properly, spending much of my time talking c*ap and meeting new people.

Beautiful parkland can only be improved by the addition of cars!

One of the benefits of attending is the special entry rate, this is still TBA although in previous years it has been £10 per person and paid on the day.

WD40 always gets you home

One of the most entertaining parts of the day and a real ice breaker is the convoy down. With many travelling down the M3 to the show, it is usual for everyone to meet at the two services in Fleet and Winchester. Everyone enjoys this possibly with the one exception, the person up front leading the pack and trying to keep everyone together! Shows do mean an early start, but it is so worth it!

Can't beat the feeling of so many Skylines together all at once. The noise, the fury and the sheer beauty of it!

There is also the annual lame 'peoples choice award'. This is where you get all your mates, friends, passing strangers to vote your car number one. In the past we have got up to no good with this and block voted for one car on our stand. Didn't do it last year... but perhaps we should again!

Hopefully you (dear reader) will have had your appetite "whetted" enough to say "pick me, pick me!" one word of warning, this can be a very popular show, year on year more people want to come. So don't dick about and get your name down on the event! www.facebook.com/events/1834680716816680/

Nissan Skylines R32, 33 and 34's. Last of the original and historic cars.