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Beautiful A80 Supra Spotted!!!

21w ago


I was delivering some sushi for my dad's restaurant and I spotted this absolutely beautiful Supra just hanging out casually on the street. After checking to see how much time I have before the food is considered late, I quickly jumped out of my car for a bit and snapped a few pictures before finishing the delivery. PS: I was not late and got a tip for being early as well.

PC: Jerry Yee

As I turned down the road, I noticed a familiar shape as shown above. Knowing just about how rare it is to see one of these just casually sitting out on the street, I knew I had to get a picture of this thing no matter what.

PC: Jerry Yee

In my opinion, one of the most distinct features on the A80 Supra (without the iconic spoiler) is the tail light. Very few cars could make a "chrome" tail light work well into the styling. Normally most cars with chrome lights just makes the car look cheap and poorly riced, BUT of the few cars that can make it work, the A80 Supra is definitely amongst the best looking. I don't know how to explain it, but the tail lights on the Supra is just incredibly satisfying to look at.

PC: Jerry Yee

Although the rear of the car is incredibly iconic, I couldn't say that I am completely in love with the front of the car. Although it is not necessarily bad looking, the front of the Supra just doesn't look mean enough. It kind of looks like a bit of a surprised expression and just doesn't reflect the immense monster that it is supposed to represent. Regardless, it is still instantly recognizable from the front.

PC: Jerry Yee

The three circles inside the light cover does reflect a similar design language with the rear lights.

PC: Jerry Yee

Although it is a bit bulky when compared with other cars in the same class such as the R32 GT-R and NSX, the way the lines and curves on the body of the Supra blends is incredibly satisfying and certainly makes this a pretty car.

What are your thoughts on this Supra? Do you like it? love it? or is it not your cup of tea?

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  • So clean I could eat off it

    24 days ago
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  • Not sure about the paint, but I think the front suits the time of the car. Alot of cars where going curvy. It's deffinently a nice car. Maybe the paint would look different if I was there. Lol.

    4 months ago
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