When you think of classic Ferraris, you may think of cars such as the Ferrari 250 or the Dino, but the 330 never seems to be a topic of conversation. After seeing one of these beauties up close, it becomes an even bigger question.

Designed by Pininfarina, the Ferrari 330 had quite a lot of variants. From LeMans car to the GTS shown above, the 330 Ferrari was noted as the most comfortable and easiest to drive Ferrari at the time.

Utilizing a 300bhp V12, this car was a speed machine back in the day and is still quick by today's standards.

Of course, being Italian means there are things here and there that would give headaches to someone with OCD, such as this slanted Ferrari logo.

This car is still incredibly beautiful and I am quite blessed that the owner frequents Cars and Coffee Marin with this beauty. Apparently he got this back when it was "cheap" and boy did he strike the jackpot.

Although he never disclosed the price he bought it for, I am sure he got it for less than the $500,000+ asking price for one of these today.

Cool thing about this owner is that he likes to keep the car in the parking lot long after the cars and coffee is over for normal passerbys to have a chance to see this work of art.

The same man also owns a Bugatti Type 57 as well, so I hope he brings that one out again so I can christen my camera. What do you think of the Ferrari 330?

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