I saw one of these posted on Instagram a little while back and just had to have them. The green one, called The Brooklyn Commission by Singer Vehicle Design, I've had as part of my rotating desktop background on my computer for several years now. I love the olive green with the plum purple. They look great together, and kinda make me hungry.

In case you haven't heard of Singer Vehicle Design before, their goal is essentially to recreate "early" 911's (small bumper, long hood, etc.) using the best parts available. Maybe how the Porsche factory would make an early 911 today if they had the opportunity to redesign it and could spare no expense. The company was started by the former lead singer of The Catherine Wheel, as an effort to recreate his own 911 for others to enjoy. Yes, he's a 'singer', but he also wanted to pay homage to Norbert Singer who helped design many of Porsche's successful racing cars from the early 70's to the late 90's, including modifying the 911 for racing. You can ship your 964 to Singer, along with a trunk full of money, and they'll build you one of these beauties, and fit an engine tuned by Cosworth or Williams (depending on how big the money-trunk is).

For a much lower price you can pick up one of these Timothy & Pierre resin 1/64 scale Singers. They're not quite as fun on the road or the track, but they look fantastic on your desk, which a real Singer will not.

I'd never heard of Timothy & Pierre before, but they seem to make a few different models in various scales. I'm also not sure what they have to do with the upcoming MakeUp releases of this same car, but from the pictures I've seen of the latter they look almost identical, other than different colors. Another big difference is that these T&P versions cost about half as much.

In this first release from T&P they've recreated the aforementioned Brooklyn Commission, and also the Phoenix Commission (Gulf colors), and the Tonopah Commission (silver with blue stripes). That's right, you too can make your hometown famous by commissioning a Singer.

The details on these cars are fantastic. The Fuchs wheels look amazing, and although it's difficult to tell from these photos, there are drilled brake rotors in behind. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

They've even recreated some of the differences between the commissions, in particular the fog lights on the rear bumper and engine displacement plaque on the engine grill on the Phoenix car that are absent on the Brooklyn car, just as they are on the real one.

Each one comes with an individually numbered plaque on the padded plinth.

I would highly recommend picking one or all of these up if they appeal to you. These are going straight into my display. Thanks for visiting.

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  • Good to see wonderful articles on the LALD Tribe!

    And man, those cars have awesome quality for a 1:64! I really want one :)

    7 days ago
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  • they look GREAT! nice additions.

    7 days ago
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