Beauty for rich? Or is it true, the beauty not requires sacrifice?

We dream of a time when cyclists become beautiful.

Hovding - a helmet for cyclists. It is an air cushion in the form of a hood, which is inflated at the time of the fall of the owner from the bicycle. The device monitors sudden changes in the speed of the cyclist or the angle of its inclination - and based on the data obtained it makes assumptions that the owner falls.

Helmet designed by Swedish researchers. In the deflated state, it looks like a collar that fits around the wearer's neck. According to the developers, Hovding three times increases the safety of a cyclist compared to a conventional helmet. But I can't find something to save eyes.

Hovding is a disposable helmet. The cost of the device is € 299.

It looks like the first step to the beauty and freedom of cyclists on the road. It seems expensive, but accidents do not occur often. Psychologically you don’t feel protected with it, but you definitely feel beautiful.

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