Beck - Uneventful Days

Finally got my hands on the latest album my favorite blonde Scientologist who never seems to get older. And by "got my hands on" I mean I clicked the download button in exchange for Amazon "No Rush" credits. This video starts out with a lineup of model cars and features a gold Volvo 240 wagon, confirming that Beck is basically my best friend.

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  • How’s the rest of Hyperspace? I like Uneventful Days but I didn’t know if I should buy into the hype of that Radwood worthy album art.

      1 year ago
    • “Saw Lightning” is still my favorite track, even though it’s been out the longest. Everlasting Nothing, Star, and Die Waiting are also good. Some of the songs blend together. It’s not as fun as “Colors”, it’s more mellow, but it’s still...

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        1 year ago