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B​ecome Michael Schumacher and buy this Ferrari F2002

B​ut buying into fame does have a hefty price tag...

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I​ am not a Formula 1 fan. Formula 1 has always been here and there in my life, but I never really found myself watching it. But if there was a time where I found a chance to watch it, I always would try. But it must be that for whatever reason, the races I have seen were like a Golf match on wheels.

N​ow I don't hate Formula 1, just find it a bit boring and way too expensive. Mind you, for having such a lack of interest, it is pretty amazing that I respect it, in car talk, almost as much as any Veteran that has fought behind enemy lines for what they believed in.

A​nd the Ferrari F2002 with Michael Schumacher at the helm, that is respect at it's peak.

O​ddly enough, even though I know just about as much about Formula 1 as a block of cheese, I do know a bit about the cars. And the F2002 is in fact, one of the greatest.

S​ure, it helps having the greatest F1 driver in the world turning the wheel here and there, but it isn't just skill that won this Fezza the 2002 Formula 1 World Championship. It's speed, handling, and down right savageness that got this thing, along with Schumacher, across the line.

A​s with all cars, bulbous or petite, the heart of this screamer is the party piece of the whole conglomerate of science and maths that gets this red thoroughbred going. Right smack-dab in the peak of the V10 era of racing, what you're looking at above is a 3.0L V10 that pumps out as near as makes no difference 900 horsepower! That's enough to power one million power recliners at the same time!

A​nd, as we know, it isn't just the engine that powers these things to mental speeds, but basically every law of gravity and formula known to man. Brakes, strong but lightweight chassis, and cutting through the air like a machete is what made this thing so successful. As a matter of fact, it can me argued that this is one of the most successful designs to have ever graced the worlds premier tracks.

A​lthough it may be as be as beautiful as the Notre Dame Cathedral, it still retains function over form. As a matter of fact, the F2002 not only grasped the 2002 F1 World Championship by standards never seen before, but it literally mutilated competition.

T​his specific one won at numerous events including the San Marino Grand Prix, Spanish Grand Prix, Austrian Grand Prix, and the French Grand Prix, where Schumacher finally gained his fifth title. Not to mention the fact that it had numerous other finishes with both Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello.

A​ll in all, the Ferrari F2002 Formula One machine was one krazee machine. This specific one, Chassis #219 was very successful and has seen many victories, as well as a colossal amount of racing otherwise. Both Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher have sat in that seat, which is already worth the price.

O​h yeah... then there's the price.

H​opefully you were smart enough to figure out that owning a piece of F1 history will not be cheap. And at the famed (and expensive) RM Sotheby's auction in Abu Dhabi, this particular horse is estimated to go for bank-smashing $7,500,000. So I'll say it again, it's time to sell the kinds and divorce the wife, because this is simply one you can't pass up. Unless you can't afford a trip to the U.A.E later this November...

W​ill you be bidding on this at the RM Sotheby's Abu Dhabi Auction on the 30th? Comment Below!

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  • I saw a F2002 Ferrari in Meridian Lyndhurst last weekend 🤔

      7 months ago
  • Why would Ferrari sell something like this?

      7 months ago
  • -kidneys for sale: $3.500.000

    -liver for sale: $2.000.000

    -spleen for sale: $2.000.00

      7 months ago
  • Sell the kids, ok, but divorce the wife? That'll cost more than it brings in 😂😂

      7 months ago