Before banning the Raptor ad, people were up in arms about Ford's Cane Toad Road

      Remember these cane toads from that controversial Falcon ad?

      2y ago


      Ads Standards Australia has struke again, this time slapping Ford's wrist for its "reckless" and "unsafe" advertisement for the Ranger Raptor.

      While we car enthusiasts love the sight of Ford's tough ute making jumps and kicking up dirt, some conservative people find this type of driving unacceptable.

      But, this isn't the first time Ford has received negative feedback from one of its advertisements.

      Back in 2012, after releasing the four-cylinder Falcon, the Blue Oval created a humorous ad, to promote its sedan.


      Featuring two cane toads named Les and Ralphie, the pair are sitting in the middle of the road, chatting about their glands.

      As a car begins to approach, Ralphie assures Les they have plenty of time to move as it's 'only' a four-cylinder, but he is quickly squashed by an Ecoboost Falcon.

      The online ad was labelled gruesome and received criticism for barely showing the car.

      Despite the negativity and the fact it was never aired on TV, 'Cane Toad Road' was a multi-award winner.

      Why has Australia become such a nanny-state? Let us know in the comments.

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      • I can tell you why Australia has become such a nanny state and it has nothing to do with "conservative people".

          2 years ago


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