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Get out of bed before the sun comes up and get into the drive of your life

2y ago

A few months ago I was bedding in a new engine for the White Warrior (aka my new 991 GT3). You guessed it, this little Warrior was being treated to a brand new 3.8L Flat Six plus new Headers & Cats and new Dual Mass Fly Wheel all thanks to Porsche AG policy of looking after every single GT3 991 Series 1 owner who had any issues with their 3.8. Now this may actually seem like a good thing & I suppose it is however there is one small problem! For the first 3000k's my local Porsche Centre has told me keep it under 7000 rpm and to make matters worse they said keep it under 5000 rpm for the first 1000k's. It was a real struggle for the first 1500k's and I was very happy to say goodbye to the "dieselesque" 5000rpm and say hello sub-standard 7000 rpm! Can you imagine having to short shift a Porsche car that actually revs to 9000 rpm. It's a very hard slog indeed!

Now anyone that knows me will testify that I am just not a short-shifter, not today not tomorrow not any bloody day! I actually know a few short-shifters though in my Porsche friends network. These are those guys that love their cars so with so much "anality" (ayn-al-ity) that they never but never bounce of the rev limiter. They may say they do but I just know that when its about to start "barp barp barping" they change up. Even just a millimeter from the redline is deemed a short shift in my book! It aggravates me to no end when that needle is about to hit the red stuff but never actually makes it. I mean what is the red stuff for if you don't spank it every now and then!

Not bouncing off the rev limiter at least once during any spirited drive is like not finishing your beer, going to the beach but not for a swim, telling your Mrs you'd rather watch TV than fool around (actually if there is sports on that's always a possibility unless there's a telly in vicinity).

Not bouncing off the rev limiter at least once during any spirited drive is like telling your Mrs you'd rather watch TV than fool around

Anyway I still need to get some more road under the Warriors belt before I can finally let her of the leash and experience the full fat 9000 rpm that she so desperately wants to show me. Also I just can't believe that after the last few weeks of ownership I still haven't experienced the primeval pleasure of LAUNCH CONTROL. At least I've got something to look forward too, I mean come on I haven't launched my GT3 yet! Now THAT is something to look forward too right? Actually I am scared that when the time comes I won't do it because the pleasure of the anticipation of using LC is almost as good as the actual Launch itself!

Getting back to the need to pile on some K's to bed in the engine. Some of you may have read my "Early morning drive, a Cacophony of the senses" article. If not see the link below, It's a bit poetic in a pseudo-wankey kind of way and it features my former ride (997 C2S)

So I've decided to take the Warrior out for a super early morning drives during our summer weekend mornings. On my first drive, setting the alarm for 3.30am I managed to leave my joint at around 4.15am. You see in Australia the sun comes up around 4.50am in summer so if you want to get out there in the pre-dawn light you gotta get up extra early.

Breathing the road seeing the light.

Breathing the road seeing the light.

While I was on this incredible drive I decided to stop in a really cool spot (both in term of scenery and temp as it was 8C at the time) and do a live video feed on the International Porsche Clubs Facebook page (see link to that below) I really wanted to share that moment with other Porsche Peeps around the world because I think that the fine art of the super early morning drive has been lost.

Seriously why do so many people have such an aversion to getting up early? Sleep is totally overrated especially when there is empty open roads out there! Yes it's hard to actually get out of bed and move at that time, but that's nothing that a double espresso can't fix! The super early morning is an unbelievable time to get away in your Porsche either in the city or in the country. There is a purity of everything, light, sound, smell. It literally is a feast for the senses! And the best part is you can actually just drive without any other cars. To actually be able to do that one simple thing in any part of the world these days is getting harder and harder! But I can assure you there is bugger all people on the roads during the pre-dawn hours.

Check out the below (Porsche Ag) video below which really has inspired me to do this again and again. My dawn drives are a lot like Andreas' drive below. Same time of the day same kind of light. Pre-dawn is the BEST time to be out and about. Stuff sleeping in just go it guys I cannot recommend it enough! Sleep in your cars if you have to but just do it this weekend!

Do you really want to hear the way your Porsche sounds? Go to your local city or town in the early morning when its pretty much deserted and give the throttle a squeeze, the sound bouncing off the buildings is just so very very good. Want to feel & see your Porsche its in perfection of form? Take it out to a lonely stretch of road before the dawn, then jump out, turn off the engine and do a bit of a walk around. Take some pictures, listen to the moment, take some time and take stock of how lucky we all are to own these incredible amazing and utterly fulfilling Porsche cars!

In it's natural habitat the GT3 lurks.

In it's natural habitat the GT3 lurks.

So the moral of the story is: 1: Short shifting sucks 2: Launch Control is the best thing ever invented 3: Sex if off the agenda if sport is on 4: Sleep is overrated. 5:Get out of bed and GET OUT THERE!

Thanks for the read & Go Porsche!

Edward Roose.

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Comments (6)

  • I would think you'd have all sorts of volunteers willing to rack up some slow miles....

      2 years ago
    • It's not so easy getting Punters out of bed so early. This kind of driving is for the true believers

        2 years ago
  • I love this. So, so much. This read really helped nurture my love with the Porsche brand and now I'm really considering a good morning drive sometime soon. Really enjoyed this read!

      2 years ago
    • Hi Hanalei I'm so happy you enjoyed the read. Can't wait to see your new Porsche please make sure you share it with us all!

        2 years ago
  • Very well said. I feel the same way in my new to me 15 GT3.

      1 year ago
    • They are great cars the sound is incredible. Love mine to bits!

        1 year ago