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    Before VW: Drive eO PP100

    The car VW had to beat.

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    2016 was a big year for electric motorsport, Formula E was onto its second season after proving to be successful, and the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb had a new car among the ranks: the Drive eO PP100.

    The History of Drive eO

    Drive eO is not a new name to Pikes Peak, having entered three times, all using fully electric vehicles with the most recent entry being their PP100. Before came the Drive EO PPO1, using the chassis from an Aquila CR1 and powered by four YASA 700 motors, the same motors found in the Jaguar C-X75, making around 550BHP. Then came the Drive eO PP02, based on the Tesla Roadster, and then the Drive eO PP03, a race car built from the ground up, featuring six YASA 400 motors making 1370 BHP. And came the PP100.

    The PP100

    A peek at the PP100's internal's.

    A peek at the PP100's internal's.

    While the PP100 looks identical to the PP03, the internals have been reworked, adding seven YASA 400 motors, compared to the PP03's six, upping the power to a ludicrous 1600BHP, 200BHP more than the predecessor. The six motors are controlled by Drive eO custom inverters and VCU's, and is powered by a 50 kWh battery all mounted onto a custom space frame chassis and carbon fibre body, weighing only 1,200 kilos, only 50 more than the PP03. Absolutely mental.

    From the Hankook logos all over the car, you guessed it, the car rides on Hankook slicks with ventilated brake discs and pads made by Alcon.

    As with almost all Pikes Peak cars, the PP100 sports some aggressive aero, with massive spoilers mounted on the front and rear and a sizeable diffuser, keeping the car glued to the ground. There are also air vents all over the car to keep the brakes and everything else cool when powering up the mountain.

    The Run


    As with the PP03, Kiwi driver Rhys Millen is in the driver's seat of the PP100, different from his usual Hyundai machines and broke the EV record with a time of 8 minutes and 57 seconds, setting a new record for EV's in 2016 and second in the event overall, with the winner being Romain Dumas in a Norma M20, the same person to hold the current Pikes Peak record in the Volkswagen I.D. R.

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